The Bike Stool is a practical way of having a stool every time you cycle. You just have to mount your bike seat into a tripod and voilà: you have a bike stool! You can easily carry it attached to your bike with Velcro and take it with you anywhere! When you feel like taking a break and seating down just put it together, relax and enjoy the view!


weight 500gr
dimensions 44x40x32 (open), 48x12x12 (closed)
estimated building time 2 h
level intermediate
estimated cost 22 USD/20 EURO (converted from brazilian prices in reais, so please verify the costs of the materials in your own town)
tools electric jig-saw, electric hand drill, 5mm & 6mm drills, 1-1/8" or 29 mm hole saw, c clamp, bar clamp, hand riveting machine, rivets, hacksaw, scissors, metal ruller, permanent pen, pencil and a lighter


Co-Authors original idea: Carlos Verna e Saulo Magno

Development: Saulo Magno, Ricardo Mora, Jonatas Barros e Luan Poiani
Mentor: Carlos Verna
Advisers: Fernanda Tosta Joici Ohashi