The backpack chair is a portable folding chair you can take it to the streets, squares and parks and comfortably enjoy your day out. You can fix it to lighting posts, trees and railings by securing it with a cargo lashing or used directly on the floor. It's light and can be carried as a backpack or purse depending on the way you tie its strings. You may build it in two sizes: small for children and large for adults.


weight 500gr
dimensions SMALL (29x39x39cm), LARGE (33x43x51cm)
estimated building time 2 h
level easy
estimated cost 22 USD/20 EURO (converted from brazilian prices in reais, so please verify the costs of the materials in your own town)
tools electric jig-saw, electric hand drill, 4mm & 6mm drills, 1-1/8" or 29 mm hole saw, c clamp, scissors, 150 sandpaper, bruch, metal ruller, pen, pencil and a lighter


Co-Authors Original Idea: Beatriz Alexandre e Dabbie Olivieri
Development: Beatriz Alexandre, Dabbie Olivieri, Arizla Olivieri e Ivan Matos
Mentor: Roni Hirsch
Advisers: Maria Augusta Bueno Penelope Casal de Rey Ligia Campaner