Hackathon Paulista

PROJECTS  Marcarena | Bike Stool | Backpack chair

In our first design marathon we have tackled a compelling issue in Brazilian cities: the use of public space. Inspired by 'Open Paulista' (a public initiative that on sundays secures a major avenue in São Paulo for pedestrians only), we have launched an open call of ideas for portable street furniture that could be easily carried by people to temporarily occupy it or any other public space around the city. We have selected 3 inventive ideas to incubate: Bike Stool, Macarena and Backpack Chair

hackathon paulista 2.jpg

They were developed and prototyped during the design marathon 'Hackathon Paulista' in March 2016 by 10 young makers and their mentors. Over the course of 5 days they have tested and built together design solutions to ensure the durability and functionality of each piece.

The 3 projects are openly shared here so you can follow the DIY guidelines and have fun building them by using materials that can be easily found or purchase. Do it yourself or get your friends, family or neighbors to do it with you. Choose as many as you like to download and get to work! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and don't forget to share your adaptations and customizations with us as well, so we can continue to upgrade the design solutions and keep the co-creation loop going!