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Civic Innovation Incubator



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▸ São Paulo Lab is a civic innovation incubator. Our goal is to connect people with common ideas to materialize and share. We organize incubation cycles and design marathons to get designers and citizens together to experiment and prototype innovative solutions for our urban challenges. By openly sharing the results in our open source platform, we can impact a greater number of citizens, from São Paulo and other cities around the world, who will have access to sustainable design solutions to replicate, develop and implement in their own communities.



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▸ We started by tackling a compelling issue in Brazilian cities right now: the use of public space. Inspired by 'Open Paulista' (a public initiative that on sundays secures a major avenue in São Paulo for pedestrians only), we have launched an open call of ideas for portable street furniture that could be easily carried by people to temporarily occupy it or any other public space around the city.


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