modular and multifunctional

Macarena allows a variety of uses from a single furniture. It is composed by articulated segments of perforated plywood that offer multiple configurations: chair, bench, chaise lounge or whatever else you come up with. It also has wheels so you can drag it along with you anywhere! Plus it is collapsable, so you may stored it in your closet or tuck it away under your bed.


wight 500gr
dimensions 175x51x14 cm (open), 51x51x26 cm (closed)
estimated building time 1 h to cut on a cnc machine, 2h for sanding and finishes, 30 minutes for assembly = total 3:30h
level easy
estimated cost 170 USD/92 EURO (converted from brazilian prices in reais please verify the costs of the materials in your own town)
tools cnc cutter, hacksaw, hammer, screwdriver and bruch.

Co-Authors Original Idea: Marina Carrara, Carolina Antonucci, Naiara Amorim e Luciane Seixas
Development: Marina Carrara e Carolina Antonucci
Mentor: Fernanda Tosta
Advisers: Maria Augusta Bueno Penelope Casal de Re